Today’s consumers have an infinite amount of options when shopping, making customer loyalty less dependable. In order to compete in this highly reactive consumer-market, retailers need real-time data analysis to better understand buyer demand. Answergen enables improved analysis of varied merchandise data creating responsive merchandising.Forecast future sales by location, store, seller, vendor, and product to proactively prepare for changes in customer demand. Using this user-friendly business intelligence tool, key information is accessible throughout the entire value chain.

With Answergen’s interactive self-service dashboard, retailers can modify the product to answer specific business questions. Which promotions are most profitable? Which retail channel is least effective? How does a particular product mix affect customer purchase frequency? Leverage the resulting integrated performance data to optimize the supply chain from top to bottom. Answergen’s capabilities empowers retailers to reduce costs, enhance employee productivity, support stakeholders, maximize profits, and increase customer loyalty.