Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM systems are most effective to organize and manage information that can have a direct impact on sales, marketing and customer related programs. With Big Data spreading in the technology realm, the need for Business Intelligence is constantly growing in every industry. Managers, Executives and Decision makers need insightful information based on trustful data to make better decisions. Business Intelligence serves the purpose to analyze data, and further with easily customizable selections provide data insight at your will.

Three CRM Pivots Trust Robust BI

Sales, Marketing and Customer service are pivots of a CRM Analytics. Business Intelligence adds value in every context through Data consolidation, Analysis and Visualization.


Understanding customer behavior and buying habits are essential to make progress. BI aids to enhance customer experience and delight in a way that is trustworthy.

  • Understand business problems and find resolution to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Identify Customer behavior that is essential for planning marketing strategies through CRM Analytics
  • Collection and in-depth analysis of customer data for research purpose
  • Detailed representation of data in the form of Data Visualization, Reports and Dashboards
  • Personalized marketing strategies to precisely reach customer
  • Adapt business processes, training procedures and policies upon business analysis


Sales is the cornerstone for a business that aims to uncover opportunities. Business Intelligence Solutions effectively consolidates your entire business data into one single view for see-through analysis.

  • Monitor the Performance of your sales team
  • Unlock potential growth opportunities using BI charts
  • Share dashboards with your team at any time
  • Clear sales picture from consolidated data across departments


Business Intelligence makes an impact in your marketing drive to reach out to potential customers. A holistic view of data from departments lead to successful marketing campaigns.

  • Monitor campaign performance with information on sent emails, received responses and corresponding lead generation
  • Adjust your marketing strategies based on performance stats
  • Overview of Team performance for improvement

CRM Integration

Integrate your Microsoft Dynamics CRM to our BI Software in easy steps through inbuilt automated tools, with few clicks. Answergen is sophisticated BI software, and is also available in Cloud to access from anywhere at any time.