One of government’s many roles is the collection and analysis of billions of datasets and then the subsequent action on the findings. These massive analytics often require compilation of multiple data sources, withholding personnel and exhausting supplies across departments that could be better utilized elsewhere. Answergen is a Business Intelligence tool that enables organized data consolidation with reduced time and effort. While improving the efficiency of data processing, Answergen also sharpens the quality of the resulting insights. With an interactive dashboard allowing for drop-down filters and self-serviced visualization, Answergen’s easy-to-use program provides detailed business answers accessible to all staff members.

The public consistently disapproves of government’s waste in taxpayer dollars for programs that seem ineffective and time-consuming. Answergen allows government to expose weaknesses, achieve promised goals, and show accountability to constituents; reform budgets with a better understanding of finances; redistribute resources for optimal utilization; and facilitate valuable communication. Empower government for success.