Functions of business intelligence

How much time are you people spending trying to get answers? Finally, a product that give them the hands on capability to get the answer in real time. The ability to look at the business for a 360 degree vantage point without waiting for a technical person to get that special report or extract they needed. Your team is now in control of your data assets and they do not need to be BI experts to do it.


Due to the heightened regulations of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, financial departments spend much of their efforts compiling data, and not enough time analyzing the results.Answergen makes the process of comparative analysis faster, easier, and more accurate with the capability to consolidate information from Excel spreadsheets, CRM systems, data warehouses, and various financial reports into one holistic perspective. Leverage Business Intelligence tools to provide better financial performance management:identify business drivers, understand revenue trends, calculate financial ratios,track cash flow, and maximize cost efficiency.

Use Answergen’s interactive dashboard with detailed visualizations to communicate financial imperatives with clients and employees. Optimize the productivity of financial users with Answergen.

Loss Prevention

Utilize a comprehensive Business Intelligence tool to proficiently weigh risks and prevent loss. Answergen provides the added analysis required to accurately determine weaknesses in the operations and finances of organizations. As a result of Answergen’s simplified data consolidation and drilldown transaction-detailed application, the entire company can better understand physical and financial risks. With this maximized visibility,Answergen’s risk analytics creates quality responses to risk and enhances company knowledge on means to prevent problems of the past. Since Answergen compiles the data and follows self-determined KPIs, data is always up-to-date and accessible without the use of IT. After using Answergen, worry less about losses and focus more resources on profits.


Answergen has the ability to turn data into information, which translates into knowledge,and results in increased sales. The proper Business Intelligence tool allows for the integration of all sales related datasets into one interactive interface. With Answergen, communicate company statistics, weaknesses, and goals to designated employees and provide them the ability to drilldown for detailed analytics. Use Answergen’s visualization techniques to create more meaningful reports, to compare self-designated KPIs and to make more accurate sales forecasts. Since Answergen does not require the use of programmers, manipulate data to analyze hypothetical situations and learn how to optimize profits while avoiding risks. Compete using a Business Intelligence tool made for success: Answergen.


Stop waiting to “see” the results of marketing, instead let Answergen’s Business Intelligence drag-and-drop platform demonstrate the outcomes with enhanced visualization techniques. Synchronize data from campaigns of various media sources into one program,then create reports and graphs using the desired KPIs and drilldown for detailed analysis. Not only understand which marketing avenues are most successful, but learn where geographically they work, to which audiences they are most receptive and the reasons why. Develop leads by analyzing Answergen’s reports for patterns. With a self-serviced Business Intelligence tool, allow employees to review data when they need it to make smart decisions in real-time. Put an end to poor marketing investments with Answergen.

Human Resources

Maximize company performance by optimizing employee recruitment and retention. Employ human resource associates with the tool needed to analyze trends in employee expenses, time management, compensation costs, retirement plans, and most importantly performance. Review datasets from various sources on Answergen’s platform and drilldown into specifics for more detailed results. Learn which areas of business require more skilled individuals and which departments are lacking productivity from Answergen’s reports. Let employees access the tool to review their own information and visualize their progress. Breakdown company costs among Answergen’s graphs to compare profits and losses by KPIs, such as geography, department, product, and employee. Manage personnel without adding more to the team with Answergen, a self-serviced Business Intelligence tool.