Answergen provides insurance companies a quick and efficient means to integrate and analyze vast collections of data. Increased business insight and visibility promote effective data-driven decisions within each level of the company: underwriting, actuarial, finance, HR, product management, marketing, sales, claims, etc. Answergen’s limitless metric transparency allows for customer targeting, loss control, performance monitoring, sales forecasting, risk assessment, claims optimization, and an infinite possibility of analytics. Answergen’s self-service application provides insurers a better understanding of the opportunities within each policyholder, including revenue growth, product promotion, turnover risks, and customer retention.

By improving the analytics process, insurance companies can retain other Business Intelligence solutions while maximizing resources. Since Answergen is designed for use by all types of users, it is operational within a few days, accessible by the internet, exportable to Microsoft Excel, Adobe, and Word, flexible, and easy to navigate. In the competitive insurance industry, Answergen is the solution for both short-term and long-term profitability.