With the rise in regulations and standards placed upon banks, comes an increase in the complexity and volume of required data collection. However, a successful bank must not only collect data, but also turn that data into information, and then understand the results. Answergen is a flexible business intelligence tool that compiles an infinite amount of data into a targeted solution. Make more confident decisions and make potential clients more confident in the financial industry.

Answergen allows banks to assess customers, transactions, and activity with improved clarity using less resources and time. Target values and trends in equity or profit and loss analysis with Answergen’s self-service interface. Optimize portfolio analysis in regards to risk, credit, and client needs; track trends, competition, and opportunities; and prevent fraud through use of Answergen’s interactive dashboard. Now that the industry is stabilizing, drive prosperity by streamlining IT efforts with a tailored business intelligence product for faster and cheaper business answers.