Are you ready for a solution that gives you what you need and you never need think about the technology again?

Answergen is a complete solution that will give you access to all your information in an intuitive, simple User interface.

Data Under New Management


All you want is to be able to get what you need, when you need it and have the confidence you can make decisions on the information. Answergen will put in the foundation you need to get your data under new management.

Designed by Business, for Business


Answergen can be used by anyone in the organization that can use the internet and basic office applications. We have designed it from the business point of view. Here is the test. If the other products claim to be so easy, why do they charge so much for training? Why is so write my research paper for me much training necessary? When is the last time you need training to use your smartphone? We do not charge for training for as long as you are a customer.

Take the Risk out of your BI Plans

Risk out of your BI Plans

Not sure what you really want until you see it? No problem. Answergen will take all the data you have in your source systems – no risky decisions necessary. Then our business focused technology makes it very easy, and quick to create the Dashboards, Analytics and Reports you want.