An organization is only a sum of all its parts. Given the complexity of business and the dynamics of human resources, you need more than just review meetings to drive growth. You need the power of data. Data that points in real-time to the trends in your business units. So, you can leverage the advantages or course-correct the paths, on the fly.

By delivering data directly to the desk, you ensure that every manager is accountable for growth. With no room for excuses - because data never lies!

Every transaction and interaction with customers produces data that can point to useful insights. And they always lie beyond the macro data points of sales & revenue. Hidden inside a guest’s staying pattern, her F&B preference, time at spa or even in the travel desk. A nudge here and a tweak there will surprise you with higher revenue, lower cost and more loyal guests.

We are aware it is humanly impossible to collect, analyze & interpret huge business data. That’s why we have automated it. With Answergen. To give you useful, actionable real-time insights from any data from anywhere.


hospitality feature
  • Multi-property Data Consolidation with Multi-Currency Support
  • In-depth Coverage of the Key Functional Areas: Revenue Management, Sales, Marketing and Accounting,
  • Enterprise-wide Performance Management via Secure Web Portal
  • Self-service, Personalized, Interactive Dashboards with Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Ad-hoc Reporting, Charting and Analysis with Microsoft Excel
  • Key Reports including Hotel Booking Pace, Travel Agent Production, Corporate Production, Actual vs. Budget Production, Year-Over-Year Production
  • On-Premise or Hosted – choose what fits your business best
  • Extensible – Publish new reports and KPI dashboards
  • Scalable – add more properties and users as your organization grows

Who can use Answergen?

who can use answergen
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Hotel Chains
  • Hotel Groups with Various Brands
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Resort Hotels
  • Extended Stay Hotels
  • Business Hotels
  • Airport Hotels
  • Suite Hotels
  • Apartment Hotels
  • Timeshare Hotels
  • Condominium Hotels
  • Casino Hotels

Key Reports

Revenue Management Analysis

  • Business On the Books Analysis
  • Hotel Booking Pace Analysis
  • Hotel Booking Pickup Analysis

Hospitality Marketing Analysis

  • Guests Analysis
  • Guest Geography Analysis
  • Loyalty Program Analysis

Sales Production Analysis

  • Travel Agent Sales Production Analysis
  • Corporate Sales Production Analysis

Financial Analysis

  • Actual Production vs. Budget Analysis
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis
  • Accounts Payable Analysis
  • Multi-Property Hospitality Reporting
  • Hospitality BI – Revenue Management Reports

Travel Agent Production Reports

  • Monthly Travel Agent Production report
  • Quarterly Travel Agent Production report
  • Travel Agent Production by City, State/Province, Country, Region reports
  • Travel Agent Production by IATA group
  • Top N Travel Agents report

Corporate Production Reports

  • Monthly Corporate Production report
  • Quarterly Corporate Production report
  • Corporate Production by Rate Code
  • Top N Companies report

Hospitality BI – Marketing Reports

  • Guest Data Capture report
  • Guest Production by City, Country reports
  • Loyalty Program Guest Stay summary report
  • Loyalty Member Guest Stay report
  • Top N Guests report
  • Social Media Analytics

Hospitality BI – Financial Reports

  • Profit & Loss

Accounts Receivable Reports

  • Collections
  • Receivable by Week / Month Due
  • Receivable by Aging / Overdue
  • Open Invoices Statement
  • Recently Created Invoices
  • Top N Receivables

Accounts Payable Reports

  • Payable by Week / Month Due
  • Disbursements
  • Payable by Aging / Overdue
  • Recently Entered Vendor Invoices
  • Top N Payables

Why Answergen?

why answergen
  • Automated reports consolidating data across properties after Night Audit
  • Enhanced data delivery to uncover business issues
  • Deeper understanding of key business indicators and key performance indicators
  • Better operational efficiency. Reduced costs. Higher performance.
  • Reduced dependency on IT Team
  • Ad-hoc Reports creation
  • Integration with PMS, Financial Systems and Ad-Hoc data